What’s an Explainer? Well, Let me Explain…

Explainer Voice Over

You’re probably already aware of what an explainer video is, but just in case you’re not, let me…explain. An explainer video is a video that – you guessed it – explains something like how a company works, how a specific service works, or how a specific product works. There are a few different styles, but they are almost all animated, not involving live actors or photographs as the key visual component. Some are animated with characters, while others are more like slide shows of screenshots or Power Point slides. Another very common theme is what’s known as the whiteboard video. A whiteboard video shows a person’s hand with a pen drawing the action out in “real time” as the video progresses.

The best explainers have voice overs. I have certainly seen many that simply have a music bed and words on the screen to convey a message, but that’s a yawn-fest and doesn’t hold anyone’s attention very long. If you really want your explainer to get noticed and watched you should hire a voice artist to narrate it. Here’s a few examples of explainer voice overs I’ve voiced:

FYI, the Photo Rodeo app explainer was created by a good pal of mine and his company APPSPIRE.me. If you ever need app marketing services contact them!