What is a Brand Voice?

What is a brand voice?  A brand voice is an attitude, personality and provides a sense of purpose for your target audience. This can provide the feeling or the mental picture of how your company is perceived. It can strategically be one of the best moves that a company can make to market their business.

A brand voice provides the consumer or potential client with just a glimpse of the business and its personality. The voice adds great depth to how a consumer perceives your products or services. This sets the tone for the future a head. Creating your brand voice in today’s market can be the most effective form of marketing. It can be used across all marketing channels such as radio, television, videos and websites just to name a few.  This voice could be directed at a specific audience or have a broad spectrum of people. The key is to make the brand voice not only strong but memorable.

Though product quality and price are very important factors the consumer remembering the company is one of the most important factors is that you are set apart from your competitors. Having a voice for your company can bridge this gap in the marketing game. A voice can be the difference between success and not making the grade. You may be thinking I have ads a website and videos that create exposure. The important question is, do they really say that your brand matters.

Does your advertising really tell the full story?

Providing a voice not only tells the story that you want others to hear, it provides the human touch. Audiences want something that they can relate to. Even though they may need or want something they want to feel like it was meant for them. A friendly voice could provide them with the sense comfort that their best interest is at hand.

Branding can be time consuming and feel daunting at times. There are countless voice talents out there to choose from, however websites like afforavoice.com that make it easy to find what you are looking for. The talents have a profile that provides samples of their work to give an idea of what they have experience in recording.

Depending on the vision that you have in mind you can find the voice that is right for your business. For example, in today’s market you have advertisements that have a manly voice to attract a male’s attention or a calm soothing voice for an educational commercial for a medical treatment. You could also choose an upbeat excited voice that motivates someone to buy you product or service. This can all be done with something as simple as finding the voice that is right for you and the message that you want heard.  One of the many great things about having a voice for your company is that you can make it your own get you voice heard. Once you find yours you will stand out in the crowd with success. Take the time to find your voice!