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Ryan Pendzick, actor

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Greetings Everyone! Since I'm new here introductions are required and my name is Ryan Pendzy, I am Thirty and well versed in the arts and completely comfortable around a mic. I’ve been on all sides of the stage in various forms; an actor, singer, and improv artist just to name a few. I have always had a fascination with voice acting and felt like now was the time to fully immerse myself in it. It has always been suggested that I get into radio because of my voice but personally think this is way more fun.

I have a decent vocal range and can go from a deep guttural sound to something high pitched. I have a wide array of voices that I can do, some accents like British or Southern, a few impressions and I can alter most of them to a certain degree. I’m able to emote a wide range of emotions from my experience as an actor. For singing vocals, I am in the general range of a bass/baritone and my style works best for classical or rock/metal sound. I am also able to death growl and scream (like death and some black metal bands) with pretty good annunciation and diction.

Feel free to visit my website where you can find numerous audio samples, demos and more about me: www.dagonsmindproductions.com

I look forward to working with you soon!

Young Adult, Middle Aged, Senior
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Explainer, Corporate Narration, Audio Book, Commercial, Political, Telephone IVR, Medical Narration, Singing, Characters
From 9 AM - To 6 PM, GMT

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