Voice Over Recording, Editing, and Mixing Software

When it comes to recording a quality voice over, it’s not all about the quality of your hardware. A good mic, a snappy computer, and an acoustically treated space are only the first steps. You also need a capable program for capturing your voice. Thankfully, there are no shortages of software programs out there that can handle the task. Recording only a voice is a relatively simply thing for even the most rudimentary of audio software programs, making investing in expensive software solutions like ProTools unnecessary. Here are three affordable and even free options for recording, editing, and mixing your voice overs.

Adobe Audition ($20.99 / month)

You can always expect quality from Adobe products and Audition is no exception. This is what we use here for in-house VO recordings. It is extremely versatile, being great for multi-track recording and mixing as well. However, if you need it only for recording VO then the $20.99 / month price tag might seem a bit much.

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Audacity (FREE)

Audacity is a very capable audio recording program used widely for voice over and podcast production. Best of all, it’s entirely free. Audacity is open-source software, meaning that anyone with the coding skills to do so can create their own enhancements and plugins for the software and make them available to the Audacity community.

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Reaper ($60)

Reaper is a full-fledged DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) capable of recording everything from a single person’s voice to an entire orchestra. While the cost is $60 (or $225 for a commercial license) they offer an essentially indefinitely trial period. You can literally use Reaper for free with all it’s functionality for as long as you like. However, if you like it we recommend that you pay the $60 or $225 as it is well worth the price and the developers at Reaper.fm are definitely deserving of the price.

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