On Hold Voice Overs

Often times the first thing a customer might hear when calling into your business is an on hold message. In this case, you definitely don't want the voice of your company to fall short. Ensure that customers hear an engaging, well-recorded voice during those times when all of your operators may be tied up with other customers. A quality on hold voice message with a solid delivery will convey to your customer waiting on the line that your business is professional and cares about their business.

Good news for you, is that we have tons of incredibly talented voice over artists right here who would sound outstanding as the voice of your business to valued call in customers and clients. No matter the product or service you sell or the corporate culture you boast we have a male or female voice talent perfect for the job!

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In no time at all your hired voice talent will produce a top notch on hold voice message for you to review. If needed, you get up to three re-takes for free as long as the script doesn't change.