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If you're looking for a professional male voice over then you've come to the right spot. We have a large roster of very talented guys ready to give a great voice to your brand. Have a listen to many wonderful male voice over demos on the site  and you'll discover a wide range of male voice talent covering every possible delivery you might need. Whether you need a deep booming "cinematic" voice, a conversational "guy next door" voice, or an authoritative corporate voice we have one or more amazing male voice talents who deliver exactly what you need with professional results and a quick turnaround!

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Search for the perfect male voice among our roster of hundreds of talented voice artists. You can further narrow your search by read type, including commercial, political, explainer, and many more.

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Your hired talent will record your script as requested and upload for your approval. The quality will be top notch and the turnaround fast and right on time! You get up to three free re-takes or edits if needed as long as the script doesn't change.

Our male voice talent are able to produce a wide range of read styles to meet the need of any commercial, audio book, narration, or presentation including...

Rugged Male Voice Overs

Need a rugged sound for your truck commercial? Nothing sells a truck like the sound of a guy whose voice sounds like it's worked hard. A rugged, gravely male voice is perfect for pitching all manner of "tough" or "heavy duty" products like trucks, tractors, or tools.

Guy Next Door Male Voice Overs

These days, the announcer voice is out and the conversational "guy next door" sound is in, and for good reason. No one likes to feel like they're being talked AT. People want to feel like they're being talked TO. A conversational tone gives your listeners a sense of comfort that the person they are listening to is a genuine, real person whom they can relate to.

Corporate Male Voice Overs

In many non-commercial cases the voice isn't there to relate to anyone, but simply to convey information. This is often the case in inter-office presentations where the priority is to get other people in, or associated, with the company up to speed on new developments. Still, this does not mean the voice over can be lazy or poorly executed. Not at all. A corporate voice over should sound authoritative and knowledgeable, as if the man speaking has expert experience with the information he is conveying.

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