Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Have a Voice Talent Audition Before Hiring?

Absolutely! If you would like to have a voice talent audition by reading a line two of your script before you decided to hire them just contact us with the talent's name and the lines you would like read. We'll pass it along and you'll get an audition back in no time.

How do I order a spot?

Simple! Just search for the type of voice you need by selecting the voice gender and read type. You can then listen to talent voice over demos and order directly from the search results, or view individual talent profiles and order from there.

What happens if I'm not happy with the recording?

If you aren't satisfied with the recording you get back from your chosen talent you get up to 3 re-takes at no charge. If, however, you need a re-take because the script has changed, then you must order a new spot.

Do you offer refunds?

If the talent has delivered their order on time they need to be paid for their time. We choose our talent based on several factors including professionalism, so a bad recording will likely not be an issue. If the voice talent has simply not returned your spot, then we will absolutely refund your purchase.

Hey, I'm a voice talent! How do I sign up?!

Super easy! Just register as a voice talent RIGHT HERE. Fill out the required info, and upload your demo reel. Once we review your application we'll add you to our roster if you've been approved. If you haven't been approved, we'll try to provide some useful feedback for you so you can re-apply at a later date.

I signed up as a voice talent, but I can't find myself in the talent search results.

There are two reasons this might happen:

  1. Your talent profile might still be pending approval. All new talent submissions are vetted for demo quality and completeness before they are made accessible on the site.
  2. The most common reason, however, is that if you are signed into your account the system will not show you in search results. Why? Because it knows your you! Log out and search again and you'll see that your talent profile will, indeed, be in the search results...unless it's still pending approval as mentioned in #1.