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Explainers are probably the most useful videos on the net today and they are made more useful when they include a professional explainer voice over by a talented voice over professional. Many explainer videos simply have text and animation, but if you want your explainer to rise above the rest and really engage with your target audience, nothing can provide the boost in professionalism and quality of a really good voice. Luckily for you, we have tons of folks here and can provide you with top notch explainer voice overs quickly and at affordable rates.

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Explainer videos typically take one of three forms. One form is that of a slide presentation where images illustrating a product or service are displayed on the screen with explanatory text. The other form is animated. The animation may be very simple, such as adding a few animated elements to what is essentially a slide presentation, to very complex, such as having characters interact with one another. The third form is what is known as a "whiteboard video". In this version of an animated explainer video we see a person's hand with a pen drawing each slide as the video progresses.

The good news, is that all of these different forms of explainer videos can be GREATLY enhanced and made much better simply by adding good voice overs. This makes the video more engaging, allows very busy multi-taskers to listen to the video while doing something else, and elevates the professionalism of the explainer immensely! So, explainer makers, do yourself and your audience a favor and get a great explainer voice over from one of our talented voice over artists today!

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