Voice Actors

Deepfake Roundtable: Above the Line

Funny Celebrity Deepfake Video

The deepfakery in this video by Collider is amazing and scary to behold, but the voice impersonations are equally as impressive. These guys sound EXACTLY like Jeff Goldblum, Tom Cruise, Ewan McGregor, and George Lucas!

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Peter Cullen Explains How He Created the Voice of Optimus Prime

Autobots roll out! When I was a kid I loved Transformers, even the ones that I was too dumb to transform. Let’s face it, some of those Transformers were pretty darn complicated. I’m pretty sure in order to get accepted into many top tier engineering programs you have to successfully demonstrate a proficiency with transforming…

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Tara Strong Voice Actor Spotlight

Tara Strong Out of Character

Here’s an interesting and amusing short vid on the very talented Tara Strong, voice actor responsible for some of your favorite cartoon voices from “The Powerpuff Girls”, “Rugrats”, “The Fairly Odd Parents”, and more.  

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