Peter Cullen Explains How He Created the Voice of Optimus Prime

Autobots roll out! When I was a kid I loved Transformers, even the ones that I was too dumb to transform. Let’s face it, some of those Transformers were pretty darn complicated. I’m pretty sure in order to get accepted into many top tier engineering programs you have to successfully demonstrate a proficiency with transforming…

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The Basics on Writing a Commercial Script

How to Write a Commercial Script

Scriptwriting appears to be simple at first glance. But upon further examination, the script must contain punchy elements with a call to action, be relatable and hold lots of information. But a script can’t be choppy, and there can’t be too much or else the consumer will feel overwhelmed with the sales pitch. Every word…

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We’re Tuning the Engine

Hi there, folks. Just a heads up that we here at AAV we are under the hood tuning up the engine to make the site work better for clients and talent alike. The three most impactful tweaks are: Revamping the order process to smooth out some technical hiccups occasionally encountered with ordering. Improving SEO on…

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Voice Over Recording, Editing, and Mixing Software

Adobe Audition Screenshot

When it comes to recording a quality voice over, it’s not all about the quality of your hardware. A good mic, a snappy computer, and an acoustically treated space are only the first steps. You also need a capable program for capturing your voice. Thankfully, there are no shortages of software programs out there that…

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Tara Strong Voice Actor Spotlight

Tara Strong Out of Character

Here’s an interesting and amusing short vid on the very talented Tara Strong, voice actor responsible for some of your favorite cartoon voices from “The Powerpuff Girls”, “Rugrats”, “The Fairly Odd Parents”, and more.  

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Earn 10% of Referred Sales with New Affiliate Program

Sign up to our new affiliate referral program and earn 10% of all sales you send our way! If you are already signed up as a talent or user you don’t need to sign up for a new or separate account, you can use your existing account, but you do need to apply / enroll…

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Line Breaks! Hooray!

Good news! Talent descriptions now allow for (drumroll) line breaks! Many folks rightly complained that when entering lengthy bios individual paragraphs or bullet lists simply got all squashed together in one huge, unsightly block of text. No more! That issue has been fixed so now your multi-paragraph voice talent bios will look much more attractive…

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20% Off for June!

For the entire month of June we’re offering 20% off pricing for our off-the-shelf voice over rates! Check out the new, limited time rates on our pricing page and then start searching for amazing talent! Good news for talent…despite the lower rates, commissions will not change. What you earn per spot will still be calculated by…

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