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Deepfake Roundtable: Above the Line

Funny Celebrity Deepfake Video

The deepfakery in this video by Collider is amazing and scary to behold, but the voice impersonations are equally as impressive. These guys sound EXACTLY like Jeff Goldblum, Tom Cruise, Ewan McGregor, and George Lucas!

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20% OFF Voice Overs – Black Friday Happening NOW

Heads up good people! Black Friday is happening RIGHT NOW here at Afford A Voice. From now through December 1, 2019 save 20% OFF all voice overs. Get started now by listening to pro voice over demos or check our rates to learn more! If you’re a voice talent don’t worry. Your commissions are NOT…

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Peter Cullen Explains How He Created the Voice of Optimus Prime

Autobots roll out! When I was a kid I loved Transformers, even the ones that I was too dumb to transform. Let’s face it, some of those Transformers were pretty darn complicated. I’m pretty sure in order to get accepted into many top tier engineering programs you have to successfully demonstrate a proficiency with transforming…

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The Basics on Writing a Commercial Script

How to Write a Commercial Script

Scriptwriting appears to be simple at first glance. But upon further examination, the script must contain punchy elements with a call to action, be relatable and hold lots of information. But a script can’t be choppy, and there can’t be too much or else the consumer will feel overwhelmed with the sales pitch. Every word…

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We’re Tuning the Engine

Hi there, folks. Just a heads up that we here at AAV we are under the hood tuning up the engine to make the site work better for clients and talent alike. The three most impactful tweaks are: Revamping the order process to smooth out some technical hiccups occasionally encountered with ordering. Improving SEO on…

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