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Mike Carpenter

From friendly and upbeat to intense and commanding, I can provide whatever your project needs. I work in my own home studio and accommodate quick deadlines doing my own production and editing.

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Finding the perfect voice talent is easy! Simply choose the gender and type of read you need and search. You may also enter an optional keyword or search for a specific name.


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Search for the perfect voice among our database of hundreds of talented voice over artists. You can search by gender, age range, and type of read.


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Get back your professionally recorded voice over in no time. If it`s not to your liking you get up to three re-takes or edits free of charge as long as the script does not change.

Your project deserves the best voice overs available and you can have them without blowing out your budget. We specialize in offering affordable, cheap voice overs that sound anything but affordable and cheap! Our roster of professional voice talent delivers voice over audio of the highest quality that you, your clients, and your brand will love. With rates for male and female voice talent starting at just $35 including up to three re-takes you're sure to get exactly the voice over you need.

No matter what your voice over needs are - commercial narration, explainer narration, e-learning voice overs, etc. - we have a voice talent perfectly suited to the exact style and delivery you're looking for. So what are you waiting for? Get your voice over started now by browsing our roster of professional voice talent!

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Thank you for visiting Afford A Voice. You've made a good choice in your search for professional voice over services. We have a large roster of very talented voice actors, so you are sure to find the perfect voice for your project whether you need commercial voice overs, political voice overs, explainer voice overs, or any other type of voice over!

In addition to offering you the best in voice over actors, we also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You will get the exact voice over you want or your money back! All of our voice overs included up to 3 FREE retakes so long as your script doesn't change.

Finding a great voice over talent with Afford A Voice is super easy:

  • Use our search form to search voices by gender and read type, or browse our roster and listen to demos.
  • Select the voice actor you'd like to hire by clicking the "Order Spot Now" button.
  • Upload your script and any voice direction you'd like your chosen talent to adhere to.
  • Get back your awesome, affordable voice over in no time!

And if you'd like to have an actor audition a small portion of your script first, no problem. Just email us with your chosen voice talent's name and the lines you'd like read and we'll get an audition back to you ASAP.

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